LetsWorkOut is a fitness app to see and report training to FunBeat.se
Download LetsWorkOut at android market.

With LetsWorkout, you can plan workouts with friends, and this sent directly to your friends (requires that your friends also have installed LetsWorkout – Android only).
* Calculate Dep zone within the training
* Calculates most trained moments with statistics
* Calculates calorie requirement per day
* Calculates km/h and min/km
* Plan workouts with friends (Create, communicate on participation, see who will join, etc.)
* Manual entry of all your workouts

* Supports all training
* Record the date, time, distance, comment, reps, sets, maximum heart rate, average heart rate, medelkadens, training effect, calories, intensity zones, calories.
* Comment on workouts
* Overview our exercises
* See your friends’ workout and the comparison time of exercise.

If you find any bugs send information by mail on this page or to support(at)lightsoft.se, and I will try to solve them.

All data are stored in FunBeat, besides Planning of training sessions.
This is not Funbeats Official app.
FunBeat requires of you as a user that you are a premium member to login.