Fault Viewer

Is a application to view faults on your projects (app, programs e.g.), reported by use of service FaultReporter API

Filter by projects, amount of faults to fetch and remove old or fixed faults.
It is also possible to use for feedback from users using our application.

This application is ONLY to view the faults.
Every product need to implement logic to send faults occurred from users application.

Buying this application is only needed if you need a License Account or get rid of the ads.
Try out the free application before buying this.

You will be given your public key that is used from all applications that should send information to the service. Or fetch by the API.

Email and privKey is not used from the products when reporting faults, only public key. This way it the avoid of expose your information in the application.

Creating a user with this application will make a Licensed account.

Unlicense account:
Faults older then 15 days will be removed
Max new Faults 10/min will is allowed to be registered

License account:
Faults older then 180 days will be removed
Max new Faults 100/min will is allowed on a registered account

All rights reserved. Not liable for any damage incurred from use of this software or FaultReporter API, including but not limited to: monetary loss, data loss, server downtime, data removal of users or faults.

Misuse of service will cause a revoke of account.