LetsWorkOut is a fitness app to see and report training to FunBeat.se
Download LetsWorkOut at android market.

With LetsWorkout, you can plan workouts with friends, and this sent directly to your friends (requires that your friends also have installed LetsWorkout – Android only).
* Calculate Dep zone within the training
* Calculates most trained moments with statistics
* Calculates calorie requirement per day
* Calculates km/h and min/km
* Plan workouts with friends (Create, communicate on participation, see who will join, etc.)
* Manual entry of all your workouts

Fault Viewer

Is a application to view faults on your projects (app, programs e.g.), reported by use of service FaultReporter API

Filter by projects, amount of faults to fetch and remove old or fixed faults.
It is also possible to use for feedback from users using our application.

This application is ONLY to view the faults.
Every product need to implement logic to send faults occurred from users application.

Triathlon Results to track Ironman races

Triathlon Results are an Android Application to follow contestants in IronMan races.

Enables to add contestants before the race and track those during the race, getting information when new times and changed position is given by IronMan Live.
This allows spectators easier to plan where to stand in the course to cheer on the athletes and get the results instantly on your mobile.


Download Triathlon Results at Google Play