Mrtg cfgmaker

How to make cfgmaker to make your configuration from making a snmp-walk over the router of any kind.

Cfgmaker to make the configurations

Example: I want to make a mrtg.router.cfg file based on the snmp the router at ip have.

/usr/bin/cfgmaker --output mrtg.router.cfg public@

This will generate the output file mrtg.router.cfg that have the snmp information the router provides.


If an index.html page should be created run this command:

indexmaker --output /var/www/mrtg/index.html mrtg.router.cfg


Then to make mrtg make the graphs, this have to be run as an cron or deamon. Remember that the first 2-3 runs will output some errors about it not finding any logs.

mrtg mrtg.router.cfg

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