Send Email on Subversion Commit (svn) version 0.5 released


Version: 0.5
License: GNU
Requirements: Linux/Unix/Win
Limitations: No limitations
Code: Java

Send Email on Subversion Commit (svn)

This is a small program that get some information from SVN and then email it to
the person that is on a addresslist.xml list, based on repository and it’s sub-directories. It can be grouped into repository or/and directories in the repositories.

This means that if different people is working on different paths in a main repository, the mailinggroup can be organized better to only affect the people that should get the changes that happens.

Why I made my own one was because there aren’t many out there that
uses an xml file as adresslist, and thereby be accessed easily by a third application to modify.

+ Now checks the paths IN the repository, And are therefore possible to have more configurations in addressList.xml file to map against directories if there are group of people working i different projects.
+ Change debuging to have more information
+ Error message are shown a little better.
+ AdressList.xml are change to addresses.xml
+ property parameter adressList are change to addressList
+ Fixed the name “repository” in addresses.xml
+ Fixed some misspelling here and there.

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