Hardware issue




Hardware issue are a fact on lightsoft.
New machine for taking care of the website and Database are being built and will be up in a month or two, now with Raid 1 to secure the stability and secure the data for all the hosting pages.

The specification will be:
2 x 500GB Raid 1
AMD 64bit X2 +4400MHz
2GB Kingstone Memory

This should be enough to handle the website and other smaller application to manage svn, ftp and ntp services.

Also a new NAS is taking form and will handle 3TB with Raid 5. This is a Nas from Netgear “Ready Nas NV+” and supports hotswaping of the disk if any crash, without any downtime.

This is for SVN, backups, filestorage (ftp) and securing the webpages.

The servers are also move to a supplier-room to avoid any future accidents.

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